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Why you need to do something you enjoy

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Recently, as my readers know, I have been through a major life change.

Once everything had settled, I went through this stage of complete relaxation. It was bliss.

Then ... I got lazy. (Sigh).

I started to doubt the strengths I did have, I recently posted in a very low moment ...

"Does anyone else feel like this ... You know when you realise you are 33 and suck at everything in life?"

I am an incredibly positive person even when I dropped the rose coloured glasses months ago. I know I have talent in multiple areas, so why was I questioning my self joy?

Recently, I watched Jordan Peterson's YouTube clips (Video at the bottom), and he expresses that one day you will wake up and think about what you did your entire life and realise you had a busy life doing things that didn't matter.

Greatness takes time. That is where my post above was coming from. I had felt, I was not a success in my own eyes (perfectionist) in any area of life and this was simply terri…
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What does your dream day look like?

What would your day look like if it was your dream day? Image Source

For example, if you stopped living your current life and with zero limitations, how would your day look now?

I think it's important to think like this sometimes. Whether, it's something fanciful like receiving a large sum of money. This way, you think about living a life you want with no boundaries.

What if I told you, you could live the life you wanted without a big cash out pour?

What if you started with ten minutes in your day, doing something you always wanted to spend your days on?

YouTube and Google are great at showing videos and instructions for beginners on interests you always wanted to try.

Start today.

What is something you want to add to your day? Please share via the comments below!

When you are in love .. don't let it go

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Being in love ... 
Love is pretty wild, crazy, risky and it feels quite incredible. Love helps us feel so good and special. When we become so attached and close to someone, our world just becomes one with them and their's into ours.

Feeling the love 
When you and your partner share an intimate moment, more than a moment, hours of tenderness and love, where nothing is hidden. Feeling the love, wrapping both yourselves in it, you share something and experience something that only very few feel. It's love, intimacy, connection, trust and more.

You can either fall in love or walk away
People who don't feel they can risk everything and have their world turned upside, cannot give themselves to fully love someone. The risk is too great. If this happens, it might be because it is simply not the right person for you.

If you do want love but scared to take the leap, take the leap anyway, love is brilliant, it's sweet and dramatic and it's all encomp…

Life change is everything but a sun coloured trip to lollipop land

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When a major life change happens, it is generally for the reason to be something better, happier and/or for an improved lifestyle.

The process however in making the change is finding a way to deal with the past they are leaving behind.

Yet there is a reason we wanted this change in the first place and that reason is the driving force to make the change.

Somehow, we get through it, even if it seems incredibly hard at times and we wonder how, in time to come, we will look back and know we made it.

The major change that we originally set out to do then turns into further change across other areas we weren't even expecting.

The distant thought of feeling good, tends to be bogged down with stress and over analysis on everything that anything further that adds to the pile of change, becomes way too much to handle and can push us over our perceived limit.

Though, it makes sense after making a major change that more change after that will occur, as you no long…

I am finally free

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The truth is for a very long time, I have written about finding freedom (you can view my blog posts here on it).

It's so emotional to write this but I have some very good news, I finally found it. I am living it.

I actually had no idea that the type of freedom I was looking for was actually in the wrong space. I was seeking freedom in life. For many years I have been searching for freedom. I have written passionately about it. I wanted to feel it so bad. To be free and yet I wasn't.

I wasn't free.
I am free now.
I am free.
Apart of me cannot believe I let myself not be free. That I had my freedom taken away and I didn't fight harder to take it back.

Recently, I did fight for it back. I fought really hard. The hardest challenge in my life.

It was an incredible eye opener. Apart of it was incredibly shameful but one cannot blame ourselves for what we didn't/couldn't/didn't want to see. That is how we learn through f…

A little bit of inspiration

Dear World,

I wonder what my life will be like now I am limitless and can challenge myself to new heights, explore the horizons and meet people who inspire? 
I know what it will be ...
When you take control of your destiny you get to do what you always wanted to do and be the person you wanted to be. 
Life cannot get much better than that.

What if you are already reaching your limit?

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When you are going through something big, even the most smallest remark or experience could push you over the edge...
Its hard when dealing with s stressful situation. You are already near your limit and then life throws more and more at you and you feel like at any moment you will fall over.
So people find it odd when they say what they thought was a joke and you just either get angry or crumble at their remark. This is because you are already at your limit. 
How do you deal with it?
First step is to just take one day at a time. If you are not ready to face the day, take a mental health day.Make time to relax and be near nature for healing purposes.Be around people who have no idea what you are going through and just laugh.
Its really hard to not let the stress of it all become overwhelming but if you don't regularly check in with yourself then it will all become too much.